Habits for a Mother's

Heart, Mind, Soul, and Strength

We’re taught to love the Lord with all of our heart, soul, mind, and strength, but what if we could hone our habits to help us live this out more completely in our daily lives? 

This workbook will help you develop habits that center your heart and homeschool on what is lovely. 

What's inside?

Designed with homeschool moms in mind, Habits for a Mother's Heart is a 100 page workbook that will help you reflect on habits for your heart, mind, soul, and strength. Inside you'll find:

  • An introduction to each category with suggested habits to work on in each section
  • Inspiration to develop each habit
  • A reflection section to help you determine how to work on each habit
  • Tips for using the habit loop to plan your habits
  • Pages for mapping out each habit
  • A habit tracker to help you remain consistent
  • Room to record your thoughts and ideas

If your homeschool could benefit from some changes in habit, this book is for you! 

Why not take a peek at the first few pages? Click to open a preview!

About the Authors

Leah Martin learned about the Charlotte Mason philosophy before her first child was born, when she interviewed to teach at a Charlotte Mason school. After two years of teaching there, she left to stay home with her young children, and ultimately to homeschool them.

She began My Little Robins in 2016 as a way to share what she had learned about Charlotte Mason through her teaching experience. This led to the creation of curriculum and her best-selling eBook, Habits for the Early Years. Leah lives in Colorado with her husband and three children.

Amy Fischer is a homeschooling mom of three boys. Originally from Indiana, she now lives with her family in the northwest of England. For ten years, she has been reading, learning, and applying the Charlotte Mason philosophy to her parenting, to her homeschool, and even herself.

Amy connects the Charlotte Mason philosophy with the Charlotte Mason practicalities at her blog, Around the Thicket. Her writing on Charlotte Mason has appeared in Homeschooling Today and Mere Orthodoxy. She is the author of Before Curriculum: How to Start Practicing the Charlotte Mason Philosophy in Your Home.

Set your heart on good habits.

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