Education is a Life


What do you need to launch your Charlotte Mason homeschool?

We think it is pretty simple: practical instruction rooted in foundational ideas. You'll find both in this four week course designed to get you up and running with the Charlotte Mason method. 

"Loved it! It truly is a perfect course for a mom just beginning with homeschooling and Charlotte Mason philosophy!"

Tina L. // Homeschool Mom

What will I learn ?

You want a vibrant, life-giving homeschool. Charlotte Mason's ideas can help you make this reality. Over this four-week course, we will cover the essential ideas behind Charlotte Mason's saying, 'Education is a Life'. Along the way, you'll learn how to apply these ideas in your home.

Check out the topic for each module:

Living Books

Finding and using living books

Getting started with narration


Choosing subjects for a 'rich feast' of education

What to do when books are too hard or too easy

Scheduling and Planning

Putting your ideas on paper the Charlotte Mason way

Alternating subjects and planning short lessons


Motivating your children to learn

Measuring progress in your homeschool

Each module is divided into short videos, perfect for a homeschooling mom with a lot going on. You'll also receive a printable PDF workbook to keep your thoughts and plans organized.

Meet your instructors

We're Amy and Leah, the voices behind the Thinking Love podcast! We are both homeschooling moms with huge hearts for bringing the Charlotte Mason method to life in our homes, and for helping others do the same. Between us, we have over twelve years of experience in reading and following the Charlotte Mason way with our  families.

Leah Martin is a former teacher who learned about the Charlotte Mason philosophy when she was hired by a private school. The philosophy changed the way she viewed education, and she began implementing it in her home. After leaving her job to be with her children, she continued to learn about Charlotte Mason, and wanted to share it with others. She started My Little Robins in 2016 as a way to connect with like-minded parents and as a way to keep teaching outside of the classroom. Leah lives in Colorado with her husband and three children.

Amy Fischer stumbled into a love for education during a year studying abroad. After leaving work to care for her first child, her enthusiasm led her to look into home education, and, eventually, to the Charlotte Mason Way. Amy blogs at Around the Thicket, where she posts about the Charlotte Mason philosophy, homeschooling, and parenting. When she's not chasing after little boys, she's can be found reading or planning her next hike.   Originally from Indiana, Amy resides in England with her husband and three rambunctious boys.

Need more details?

When is the course? How long will it take?

A beta version of 'Education is a Life' begins on April 4th. You'll get life-long, immediate access to all the content and any future updates. We suggest you take about four weeks to work through the material. (We'll send you weekly emails along the way to encourage you to stay on track!)

We know you have a lot going on - we've designed the course so you can complete it in bite-sized chunks and in one to one and a half hours each week.

What age of children is this course for?

Charlotte Mason recommended children begin formal lessons around the age of six. This isn't a hard and fast rule, but this course is geared toward teaching children who are at least this age. Of course, you can get a head start on planning by working through the material before your oldest is six!

What comes with my course registration?

Your registration includes:

  • Lifelong access to the 'Education is a Life' course
  • Nearly two hours of video teaching, broken into bite-sized chunks
  • A printable PDF workbook with questions for reflection and space to develop your homeschooling plans
  • Discussion space within the course to chat with your classmates
  • Optional reading assignments from Charlotte Mason's six volumes

Is this a Christian course?

Like Charlotte Mason, the instructors both have a Christian faith which will factor into their teaching.


How much does registration cost?

Registration costs $35. 

I'm not sure if I'll be homeschooling.

Even if you aren't sure you'll be homeschooling in the future, Charlotte Mason offers incredible insight into how we can lay a great foundation for our children's education - wherever that takes place. We don't think you'll regret taking time to find out more about how to bring her ideas to life in your home.

Bring the Charlotte Mason method to life in your homeschool.

Register for the Education is a Life course.

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