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Supporting Emergent Readers

Once a child can decode- make sense of the letters in front of them- they are not quite


The Truth About Mother Culture

The term "mother culture" is used broadly in the Charlotte Mason community, but it sometimes gets whittled down


Can Your Homeschooled Child Get Behind?

In this fourth season of the Thinking Love podcast, Amy and I are discussing homeschooling truths- sometimes the


Meet Your Hosts

We are so glad you’re here! This podcast is the work of two like-minded Charlotte Mason moms who want to share the philosophy with you in a loving, encouraging way.  As moms with children in the early years, we focus on using the philosophy with little ones as well as older children. 

Leah Martin

Leah's passion is to teach people about the Charlotte Mason philosophy in a way that empowers them to decide how to implement it in their homes. She's been using the great lady's philosophy for almost six years, both in the classroom setting and at home. Learn more about Leah here

Amy Fischer

Amy loves to read broadly, think deeply, and to share what she is learning with others. She has been ever-so-slowly reading Charlotte Mason's works over the past five years, providing her with inspiration in her parenting and her home school. Learn more about Amy here.

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