Homeschooling Outside the Home: Co-ops, Charter Schools, Enrichment Programs, and More

Just because you do school at home doesn’t mean you have to do it all yourself! Co-ops, enrichment programs, private and charter schools offer ways to compliment your child’s education. Amy and Leah talk about their experiences joining and even starting home ed groups, detailing the highs and lows, and offer ideas to help you figure out whether a group is right for you.

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Socially speaking, two lives are possible to us––private and public life; we live as members of a family, and as members of a commonwealth. Hitherto, the child has lived in the family; his duties have all been pretty plain, and his affection pretty fairly bestowed. Of course he loves and obeys his parents, more or less, and is fond of his brothers and sisters––there is no choice for him; and the law of the family and the love of the family follow him when he is allowed to mix with the outside world.

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Charlotte Mason, Formation of Character

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