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In the last episode of the podcast, Amy and Leah explored the ins and outs of Charlotte Mason nature study. While nature study is the foundation for the study of science, there is plenty more to this broad discipline, and so we decided to take an episode to deep dive into Charlotte Mason science. We talk about how to use living books, why we need to make science hands on, and how science is inspiring our own kids.

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Geology, mineralogy, physical geography, botany, natural history, biology, astronomy––the whole circle of the sciences is, as it were, set with gates ajar in order that a child may go forth furnished, not with scientific knowledge, but with, what Huxley calls, common information, so that he may feel for objects on the earth and in the heavens the sort of proprietary interest which the son of an old house has in its heirlooms

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  1. Hi! I was wondering if you could add in the show notes the nature lore books mentioned as well as the science curriculums you are enjoying? Thank you!

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