Teaching A Charlotte Mason Lesson

In this Thinking Love episode, Amy and Leah discuss Charlotte Mason's method of a lesson that is described in Home Education. This method applies to subjects that involve reading living books, and not areas like copywork or math. 

 "Method of Lesson.- In every case the reading should be consecutive from a well-chosen book." Home Education 

(53s) Misconceptions of a Charlotte Mason lesson. There is more to it than handing a child a book and expecting them to narrate. This can often lead to children not enjoying a book. 

(1:40) Method of a lesson cheat sheet printable to place in your planning binder. 

(3:20) First point- carefully choose a living book. 

(5:00) How important is pre-reading? 

(7:42) Second point- Offer a short review

(9:43) Third point- Build a child's anticipation, without explanation or "forestalling the narrative." 

(12:35) Fourth Point- Read two or three pages, enough to include an episode. 

(15:28) Fifth point- Have the child narrate. 

(18:50) Narration is the child's work. 

(19:04) Sixth point- The lesson doesn't end just with narration. Have a little talk in which moral points are brought out, show pictures, diagrams, etc. 

(21:10) Engaging a child with 50 Famous Stories Retold. Internet resources can be helpful! 

(23:45) Final point- Encourage questioning and note-taking. 

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