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Today we're talking about dads, and how they relate to our homeschools. We know there will be a huge range of experiences here, and we want to approach this with wisdom and sensitivity. We will discuss our own experiences, knowing that everyone's experience will be different. 

"There is a part of the father's work; to be to the child the embodiment of justice, and encyclopedia of knowledge, to settle all his difficulties and answer all his questions. For, to my thinking, a child's questions should be answered, and answered truly, not put off with refusals or evasions, or half-answers, but followed out as far as his interest or capacity of understanding—and the two things are closely allied—take him."

                                                   The Father's Place in Education by Mr. J. H. Badley

(2:37) How has your husband been involved, Leah? He found out about Charlotte Mason about the same time you did, right? 

(4:09) What about you, Amy? 

(5:28) Let's hit on a few areas regarding Charlotte Mason and dads. What do you think some dads are concerned about regarding homeschooling? 

(7:49) Compromise is so important! 

(8:29) Amy-The decision to homeschool was a very gradual decision for us. 

(8:56) When we present these ideas, we have to present them with respect. We're not trying to persuade or make them feel like the inferior parent. 

(9:46) Our husbands are born persons, just like our children. We can trust these ideas to grow. 

(10:28) If you have an idea about Charlotte Mason that you really want your husband to know, how do you approach it? 

(14:35) What kind of information have you found that your husband, or dads in general, want to know about Charlotte Mason? 

(14:55) Dads, a lot of times, want data. They want proof that this will work or research supporting it. 

(17:00) I don't want to just make all the decisions. How do you include your husband in decision making? 

(18:20) Amy- My husband is fluent in French, so he does French lessons with our kids. 

(19:30) How does your husband get involved? 

(21:15) There are some dads that just aren't able to get involved with education. But it's important to remember that dads are still a part of the atmosphere. 

Show notes

A Father's Place in Education by Mr. JH Badley (PNEU Article from Ambleside Online) 

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  1. This was such a helpful podcast for me as my husband and I recently had a big discussion on how he can be more a part of our homeschool and stay involved with the decisions and direction we are going in. Thanks for sharing! I was also wondering if the Number Sense math curriculum Leah mentioned is still available online?

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