Supporting Emergent Readers

Once a child can decode- make sense of the letters in front of them- they are not quite out of the woods when it comes to learning to read. In this episode, Amy and I discuss how to support emergent readers. 

 "Once the habit of reading his lesson-book with delight is set up in a child, his education is--not completed, but-- ensured, he will go on for himself in spite of the obstructions which school too commonly throws in his way."   Home Education

1:36- Did your child need support to transition from focused reading lessons to being an independent reader? Reading is more than just decoding:

Phonemic Awareness


Vocabulary Development

Reading Fluency


3:30- When we finished the 100th lesson, and my son decided that because he had finished the lessons, he could read. He felt confident and capable, so he would start a lot of books and not finish them. I'm interested to hear what you think is going on. 

5:07- I don't understand is code for "It's too difficult." But I think there are three reasons kids abandon books. 

1. They are interested. 

2. The book is too difficult decoding-wise. 

3. Not understanding the vocabulary. 

6:25- The Five Finger Rule

7:54- I ended up doing a couple things. He needed to develop the habit of finishing. So I strewed our learning to read books around the house. 

8:50- A lot of people ask what books you read after you finish reading lessons, and Frog and Toad and Little Bear just don't last very long. So we just went to our children's picture books. And since he was interested in reading chapter books, we moved onto Anna Hibuscus books and the Number 1 Car Spotter by Atinuke. 

11:08- I really struggle to keep up with books at this point. Thankfully that my daughter will read them over and over again. 

13:50- I also had my daughter re-read books that we've read for read aloud. I can't pre-read every book I put in front of her, so handing her the books that we've read together is really helpful. 

14:26- Someone lent us 15 Dick King Smith books- in that silly territory- but my son has devoured them. I'm glad that it's wholesome and interesting and keeping him engaged, but he just powers through them. 

16:33- I have another question for you: How important is it to have your child read out loud if they are reading pretty independently. 

20:30- How can recitation help us in gaining reading fluency? 

23:19- Moving children towards their school books

24:00- I printed out the Aesop fables for the term, and he reads them on his own then comes to me to narrate them. 

25:00- When children can read on their own, it will be easier to manage multiple students. 

28:27- There's more to it than, "Now you can read, go read your school books." 

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