Wisdom in Humility With Min Hwang

Min Hwang of Life Giving Motherhood shares her thoughts on humility in this inspiring episode. 

“Humility does not think much or little of itself; it does not think of itself at all. It is a negative rather than a positive quality, being an absence of self-consciousness rather than the presence of any distinctive virtue. The person who is unaware of himself is capable of all lowly service, of all suffering for others, of bright cheerfulness under all the small crosses and worries of everyday life. This is the quality that makes heroes, and this is the quality that makes saints. We are able to pray, but we are hardly able to worship or to praise, to say, ‘My soul doth magnify the Lord,’ so long as in the innermost chamber of our hearts we are self-occupied.” Charlotte Mason, Parents and Children, ch 26 

1:48- Tell us a little about yourself please, Min!

2:10- MH- I am a Charlotte Mason homeschooling mom of 4 children, and I'm also homeschooling two of my friends' kids. I met Charlotte Mason when we were living overseas- not just an educational philosophy, but help with parenting. 

3:55- We thought that talking about humility would be a good way to wrap up our discussion on wisdom. We've talked about knowledge, and how that with knowledge comes the risk of pride. We wanted to talk to you about how wisdom and humility can be the antidote to pride. "Humility does not think much or little of itself- it does not think of itself at all." Is that an adequate definition? 

5:18- MH- My answer is yes and no! She does a great job of helping us see humility in a particular light, but I don't think this is the full picture of what humility is. I believe her insights were granted from the Lord, but therefore we have to look at her insights in light of scripture. There is not just an absence, but there is a presence of something greater. 

7:08 MH- Everything is in relation to God Himself. 

7:43- Charlotte Mason is very clear that in order to have strength of will, you have to be in service to something else. 

8:42- Why is humility important for us as Christians? What does it look like for us? 

8:52- MH- Charlotte Mason tells us to make space. 

10:42- MH-Not too long ago I shared about my hovering prevention station. 

13:35- "Knowledge puffs up." In a previous episode we talked about feeling proud about the work we're doing in education, and how to guard against that. Is there a risk that our kids will be educated and puffed up with all of the knowledge that they've gained through Home Education. 

14:30- I'm currently studying 1 Corinthians. For the Corinthians, knowledge was their idol. 

16:25- MH- Everything we learn is for two purposes: 1) to show the world how excellent our God is and 2) to serve others with it. 

18:20- Through the art of inviting the Holy Spirit into our days and lives hopefully will become a habit. 

19:30- Humble Roots by Hannah Anderson

20:42 MH- I need to be living this out before them. 

25:00- One thing that strikes me about Charlotte Mason is that she knew so much, and yet I really do think we see her humility in her writings. 

26:25- In Memoriam: A Tribute to Charlotte Mason  “And as she was humble, let us be humble- for she never thought her way was the way, but only a way…” 

27:15- What can we do as Charlotte Mason moms to share this wisdom and philosophy while still reflecting a humble attitude? 

27:33- MH- Charlotte Mason's whole life was about pointing to Jesus. 

28:50- MH- What I don't think we need to do is say that we have to do this exactly like Charlotte Mason did. I can't push anything onto others. 

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