First Day of homeschool!

The Thinking Love Podcast is back for a new season, and we'll be talking Everyday Homeschooling. First up: what do we do with some of the not-so-everyday homeschool days, like the first day back after a summer break? Amy and Leah talk about how we can keep family traditions genuine, rather than an attempt to keep up with all of the pictures we see in our feeds! 

We also share where we put most of our effort in preparing the first day back at school: scheduling, planning, and preparing spiritually and philosophically.

“It cannot be too strongly urged that our education of children will depend, nolens volens, upon the conception we form of them. If we regard them as instruments fit and capable for the carrying out of the Divine purpose in the progress of the world, we shall endeavor to discern the signs of the times, perceive in what directions we are being led, and prepare the children to carry forward the work of the world, by giving them vitalising ideas, concerning, at any rate, some departments of that work.” School Education, page 259

Show Notes

1:13- Welcome to season 8

2:16- Introducing theme

3:20- First day of homeschool. This is a day that we tend to put a lot of pressure on ourselves. I wanted to talk about what this day might be like for some people, taking some of the pressure off of ourselves so we don't expect a perfect day right out of the blue. 

4:05- Special traditions for first day of homeschool. 

8:10- Amy: It can be hard to set the tone for any tradition. 

8:40- First day of school photos. 

9:22- Amy: At the beginning of every term, I go get the music that we'll be learning and we listen to all of those at the very beginning of the term. 

10:21- What would you say to a mom who is feeling the pressure to make that day special? 

12:29- Education is an atmosphere and we are communicating our values. 

13:35- Year round homeschooling schedule. 

15:30- Easing into lessons. 

18:56- Making school intrinsically enjoyable. 

19:30- More important than what we do on the first day is how we prepare. What does your before-school planning look like? 

23:00- Leah's planning is more laid-back. 

24:40- The most important thing is to not plan too far ahead. 

27:50- Beyond planning, I've been preparing my heart, my emotions, praying, and even planning meals that will be easy to take out and feed everyone. 

30:00- Becoming a prayer warrior 

30:22- How can a Charlotte Mason mom prepare philosophically? 

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