Don’t Forget Poetry!

Amy and I continue our chat with Leah Boden in this episode. Make sure to listen to Part 1: Bringing Beauty into the Homeschool if you haven't yet!

0:50- We might not fall in love with what we're doing right away. 

2:00- There are many things I have to take slowly to gain confidence. Develop consistency, get used to something, and you might find something that you like. 

2:55- What are some practical suggestions for incorporating these things into your day? 

3:30- How do you approach your own planning, Leah Boden? 

4:45- I have a rotation throughout the week of picture study and poetry study, folk song, classical piece, etc. Poetry study is constant in our house. We study a poet 6 weeks at a time. 

6:00- Using voice recorder to record a poem. 

6:54- Having lots of subjects that require a narration can be quite tiring. 

7:55- When you are doing that focused time on music or art, what are some of the questions you might ask to tease out some of the deeper ideas? 

8:50- Sometimes I start off with, "Did you like it?" 

11:47- What fruit do you see in your daily life with your children that comes from regularly exposing your children to art, poetry, music...?

15:05- Increasing the capacity for joy in our children's lives. 

16:10- Volume 1: Picture Painting.  "Take a photograph with your eyes!" 

17:40- Of course that's how the brain works!

18:50- Charlotte Mason doesn't assume that we are home educating. Leah, your older two children are no longer at home. 

20:30- They have been raised in an atmosphere of music, art, reading poetry. 

21:44- Someone asked me how to implement the philosophy if they aren't homeschooling. People read Shakespeare at night to their children, they read poetry at night. 

25:10- Charlotte Mason unboxed

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