Bringing Beauty Into The Homeschool With Leah Boden (Part 1)

On this episode, we welcome Leah Boden from Modern Miss Mason to discuss "the riches." This is a term used to describe the subject areas that bring beautiful ideas, music, and art to our homes. 

"With art, as with so many other things in a child, we must believe it is there or we shall never find it." 

Home Education

1:57- The phrase "the riches" is not used in the UK, but do you see any similarities as to why these subjects are grouped together sometimes? 

3:22- If you think about it in a traditional school kind of view, you can see how they might be seen as extra-curriculars. That is not my story or my experience at all. They are beautifully interwoven with the whole feast. 

4:50- These tend to be subjects that you can group together with all of your children. 

5:52- Another common homeschooling phrase that isn't a Charlotte Mason phrase is the morning basket. This is a way that you can do these things together. 

6:20- It's relevant for each stage of each child. You've got different applications which is a great practice for large families. 

 7:20- Charlotte Mason carefully justified every part of her curriculum. Why do you think she included these in her curriculum? 

7:36- The idea of education being the science of relations is that our children would have a relationship with their creator, but also with the great thinkers. 

10:03- We often think of a feast as this banquet that is ladened with food. But we can actually start small, like a charcuterie board. 

10:56- I have never met a child who doesn't love these riches. If we fail to include these areas, we can train it out of them. 

12:03- It doesn't have to be super-intense thing. Just have it on in the background while they're playing. Just read- read a poem! 

13:30- One of the recent standards in the UK school system is called "cultural capital." 

16:00- How would a subject like poetry or art study fit into the bigger goal of educating our children's character! 

17:45- You have to know your "why" before you start reading whatever you want. It's never just a poem. It's never just a picture. This draws out character because it draws out beauty. 

18:50- On the surface level, when we look at a work of art, our children can see how hard someone had to work to accomplish it. 

24:25- My encouragement is to be intellectually alive. 

25:30- Children don't have to love it, just have it in their life! Just read it, they just need to listen and pay attention, and the love will come. 

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