Wisdom in Principles with Karen Glass- Part 2

This is the second part of our interview with Karen Glass, in which we discussed Wisdom in Principles. 

Home education ...contained in essence all the thought which Charlotte developed in her future writings." 

Essex  Essex Cholmondeley

0:43 - Essex Cholmondeley quote. Have you tried to tie these thoughts into future volumes? 

1:36- KG- Charlotte Mason educator and researcher interviewed former students of Charlotte Mason college about their experiences at the school. It was almost universally agreed that Charlotte Mason wrote too much. They're not wrong!

4:30- KG- There is a lot of repetition, and not what I would call a lot of absolutely new material in 2 and 5. Volume 4 is a textbook written to show what you should do in your own life. 

5:59- KG- You don't have to read every single volume to be an expert. 

6:38- KG- Reading volume 1 or 6 multiple times is more valuable than reading all of the other volumes straight through. I read and reread Charlotte Mason's volumes still, and I learn something new every time. 

9:52- KG- Education is the science of relations for us, too. 

9:59- Can you give us an example of one of Charlotte Mason's principles that shows up in another volume? 

14:35- KG- The development of habits will happen- they'll be good or they'll be bad. 

17:20- KG- Habits are really about bigger principles. 

17:55- Looking for the bigger ideas behind Charlotte Mason. What benefit do you think a homeschool parent might get between making a connection between her advice and the broader principles of a Charlotte Mason education? 

19:04- KG- When you have a few broad principles to follow, everything is easier. 

20:35- KG- I still have a high schooler, and I can't explain how imperfect my homeschool was and is, even today. But I've learned that if you're thinking about doing the best you can and focusing on these principles, it's going to turn out okay. The principles are just that powerful. 

21:40- KG- You're at the beginning of your homeschool journeys, and I think it would have been helpful to have someone tell me what I can tell you now. 

22:50- Do you have any final words of wisdom for moms on their homeschooling journey? 

23:00- KG- There is always going to be someone who finishes better than you do...but you can't wear yourself out trying to do all the things perfectly. 

25:57- KG- Charlotte Mason's metaphor to feeding your children is very relevant. 

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