Technology and the Charlotte Mason Homeschool with Dachelle McVey

Technological advances seem to happen faster and faster, and for many of us homeschool moms, we would prefer to tuck ourselves away with our book stacks and nature journals. But hiding from the Information Age could mean that we are missing opportunities to enrich our homeschools on one hand, and prepare our children for the world they will live in. Join us as we chat with Dachelle McVey about how to balance our concerns with technology and social media with taking advantage of the best it has to offer.

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Meet Dachelle

[2:52] I saw my kids missing out on so many things that had value. I thought, “Maybe we can do this better.”

[3:33] Every time I saw something related to Charlotte Mason, I thought that I wanted that.

What is technology? And why are we worried about it?

[6:26] Technology is anything that makes your life more convenient. It has its good and its bad.

[8:17] You have to teach yourself moderation – first, before your kids.

[9:33] As parents, we always want to consider the safety of our children…we have to teach them the good and the bad of the technology they are using.

Raising Kids who Thrive in a Technological World

[15:20] With my girls, I said, “Let’s walk this together” (using social media).

[18:28] Use the bad parts of technology to strengthen your relationship with your children, not just shut them down.

[22:20] I think thriving looks like taking the technology available, using it, and teaching your children to use it responsibly.

Using Technology to Apply the Charlotte Mason Method

[31:01] Technology has helped me love nature study.

[32:13] We can go online and see a museum and beautiful artwork that I may never see in person.

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