How to Turn Around a Homeschool Day

Sometimes homeschooling doesn't feel very peaceful. Whether our kids are dragging their feet, or we're struggling with our own attitudes, it's worth thinking about how we can get our day out of a downward spiral and heading toward something better.

In this episode, Leah and Amy talk about what to do when our day is less than great. We turn to our tried-and-true friends, Atmosphere, Discipline, and Life to guide us.

[We] must needs walk humbly and warily in this delicate work of dealing with the feelings of children and young people. Our only safeguard is to cherish in ourselves 'the soft, meek, tender soul,' sensitive to the touch of God, and able to deal in soft, meek, tender ways with children, beings of fine and delicate mould as they are."

Parents and Children

Show Notes

1:00- Today we're talking about how to get a homeschool day back on track. 

1:54- Bad days are pretty much guaranteed! The key is learning how to deal with them so they don't bring us to our knees. 

3:00- Let's start by talking about what makes a bad day. 

6:00- I think it's worth considering, "Are there ways of avoiding them in the first place." 

"definitely and positively, that the mother owes to her child under the name of Education....I fear the reader may be inclined to think that I am inviting his attention for the most part to a few physiological matters––the lowest round of the educational ladder. The lowest round it may be, but yet it is the lowest round, the necessary step to all the rest. For it is not too much to say that, in our present state of being, intellectual, moral, even spiritual life and progress depend greatly upon physical conditions.”

7:20- Basic needs. 

10:08- Eating lunch before kids eat so that Mom's basic needs are met too. 

12:23- A lot of this depends on our own habits of emotion. 

13:25- What are some proactive habits that can help our days? 

13:50- Preventative steps to take that aren't necessarily habits. 

14:58- The more constant we are with our rhythms and procedures, the better our days will go. 

15:55- Most valuable habit---

17:25- What will help motivate my child in this situation? 

18:00- One of Charlotte Mason's motivational tools.

19:00- Kids may not love every part of school. 

20:05- Atmosphere 

23:45- We're communicating our values to our kids when we take time to care for ourselves. 

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