Teaching Foreign Language the Charlotte Mason Way

Charlotte Mason believed that children should learn a second language from a very young age. She felt this was so important that teaching foreign language made it into the very short list of daily subjects for a child under six!

But if we have little or no knowledge of a second language, it's hard to know where to start. 

In this episode of the Thinking Love Podcast, Leah and Amy chat with Adelaide Olguin of Talkbox.mom on how we can make learning a foreign language a family effort - even if we are starting from scratch.

Show Notes: 

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1:15-  Our guest today is Adelaide Olguin from Talkbox.Mom. Tell us where you're about to go, Adelaide? 

1:50- Adelaide is visiting France, the Holy Lands, Mexico, and Germany. 

3:00- Tell us a little bit more about yourself. 

4:45- How did Charlotte Mason think we learn foreign languages?

5:40- Adelaide developed Talkbox.mom while living in another country and observing how language is learned. 

8:18- Learning the language orally first, by listening and repeating a language. 

10:00- A lesson shouldn't take a long time. 

12:50- "The daily French lesson is one that should not be omitted." Charlotte Mason 

14:00- Adelaide, can you explain what a language series is? 

17:25- What we do as moms at home with language is so important!

17:57- We all probably wish we started teaching foreign language years ago- when is the best time to get started? 

19:34- We don't want to focus on sounding perfect when we start. Focus on listening.

20:27- The adorable baby rule. 

25:00- Practicing a phrase on the podcast! 

30:05- What if we don't have opportunities to use the language we're practicing? 



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