Raising Independent Learners

Charlotte Mason hoped that children, educated upon many, beautiful ideas and supported in good habits, would grow up to continue learning their whole lives. With that in mind, educating our children is a dynamic process that moves toward this big picture. We choose books, plan lessons, and teach our kids, but as they get bigger, we start working on habits of independent learning, too.

In this episode, Amy and Leah chat about why Year 4 gets a lot of attention in Charlotte Mason circles, why this doesn't mean we need to panic, and how we are helping our children grow as independent learners through reading their own school books and starting written narration. Leah also informs Amy about a slightly contentious topic in the Charlotte Mason world!

"The most common and the monstrous defect in the education of the day is that children fail to acquire the habit of reading. Knowledge is conveyed to them by lessons and talk, but the studious habit of using books as a means of interest and delight is not acquired. This habit should be begun early; so soon as the child can read at all, he should read for himself, and to himself, history, legends, fairy tales, and other suitable matter." 

Charlotte Mason, Home Education

1:01- Moving from the early years to homeschooling older children. 1:46- Year 4 homeschooling- what does it feature in a Charlotte Mason Education?

1:46- Year 4 homeschooling- what does it feature in a Charlotte Mason Education?

2:22- Years 4 and 7 begin new forms. 

3:50- Are there reasons to have a step-up in difficulty around these ages? 

 4:40- Theory of Cognitive Development. 

6:45- Piaget lived after Charlotte Mason, but her ideas were so Holy Spirit inspired that we see her being ahead of the times. 

8:20- Charlotte Mason's jab towards Classical education. 

9:25- She was designing curriculum for large groups of children. 

11:20- Things that are good to have on our radar as our kids get older. Year 4, developing independent learning. 

12:50- Have you started giving your daughter books for herself? And why did Charlotte Mason think this was important? 

15:20- We're developing a different set of skills when we read on our own. 

15:40- Starting with one book per term: Holling C Holling books.

17:45- How do you see scaffolding play a part in independent reading? 

18:50- I do, we do, you do. 

21:22- How do you manage reading independently and narration? 

23:00- Meeting together after the reading to narrate one-on-one. 

23:30- Written narration. 

26:03- Proficient oral narrators that struggle with written narration. 

28:18- Building up stamina for written narrations. 

30:07- This philosophy is so cohesive and whole-person oriented. 

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