Spelling, Copywork, Dictation

As our children learn to read and write, their first attempts at spelling are endearing. But at a certain point, we may start to wonder when and how to teach spelling. 

With Charlotte Mason, learning to spell is integrated into many parts of the curriculum, including reading lessons, copywork, and dictation. Together, these lessons help our children learn how to spell by engaging with words in context and encouraging them to study the words closely. Join Amy and Leah as they untangle this multifaceted approach to teaching spelling.

“But the fact is, the gift of spelling depends upon the power the eye possesses to ‘take’ (in a photographic sense) a detailed picture of a word; and this is a power and habit which must be cultivated in children from the first….Once the eye sees a misspelt word, that image remains; and if there is also the image of the word rightly spelt, we are perplexed as to which is which. Now we see why there could not be a more ingenious way of making bad spellers than ‘dictation’ as it is commonly taught.” Charlotte Mason, Home Education

1:23- Spelling, dictation, and copywork are interrelated with many different areas. 

2:40- Three main ways that Charlotte Mason taught spelling lessons. 

3:20- Are you a photographic speller? Amy shares her Spell Bowl experiences 🙂 

4:18- Good spelling skills replaced by Spell-Check. 

5:30-  British English spelling and American English spelling. 

6:35- First reading lessons as a part of spelling. CM calls part of the reading lesson a "spelling lesson." 

8:21- How did spelling go after teaching spelling lessons in this way? 

10:18- Let's talk about copywork. What is it for, and what isn't it for? 

11:54- After working on spelling and handwriting, copywork teaches many other things like grammar and punctuation. 

13:07- How can we do copywork with a focus on spelling? 

17:52- Dictation, the next layer of spelling lessons. (Studied dictation.) 

19:25- Dictation (or a lack of dictation) in Leah's home. 

22:20- Spelling lessons in France, as experienced by Amy's husband. 

24:16- Our most valuable learning happens in context. 

25:11- More traditional spelling lessons- conference program that included a session on spelling lessons. 

28:03- The idea of making up something myself fills Amy with terror 🙂 

29:20- Spelling is a long process. Why would we go to such great lengths when our children can use Spell Check? 

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