Continuing Charlotte Mason’s Legacy

Amy and Leah are back for another season of the Thinking Love podcast! Join us as we catch up on what we've been up to, a sneak peak into upcoming episodes, and more. 

This year marks 100 years since Charlotte Mason's death. With that in mind, we're thinking about how we can pass on Charlotte Mason's ideas to those around us. For inspiration, we go straight to Charlotte Mason herself. 

Listen now.

[W]e are but torch-bearers, passing on our light to the next as we have received it from the last.

Charlotte Mason

Towards a Philosophy of Education

Notes on the show:

After recording, Amy immediately remembered many more people she ought to have mentioned meeting at the Charlotte Mason Institute conference in Ambleside! Here are people mentioned and should-have-been mentioned:

Charlotte Mason Institute
Karen Glass
Amber O’Neal Johnston
Elaine Cooper
John Muir Laws
Nancy Kelly
Rachel North
Patrick Egan (You can hear Patrick's take on the conference on his podcast.)

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