Time Management for Homeschool Moms

Even with the best of intentions, most of us look around at some point in the day and wonder how we ended up so busy. In today’s episode, Leah and Amy chat about how to manage our time: how can we avoid procrastination, apply the discipline of habit, keep ourselves from dawdling, and just avoid finding ourselves in a tizzy? We definitely don’t have perfect time management skills ourselves, but we share plenty of tips and ideas that might just make things a little bit calmer.

Listen now.

“In the first place, never let the child dawdle over copybook or sum, sit dreaming with his book before him. When a child grows stupid over a lesson, it is time to put it away. Let him do another lesson as unlike the last as possible, and then go back with freshened wits to his unfinished task.”

Charlotte Mason, Home Education

Notes on the Show:

Google Keep for list making (digital option)
Passionate Penny Pincher Planner (paper option)
Freedom App for limiting access to distracting websites and apps (affiliate link)
Mother Culture by Karen Andreola
Humble Roots by Hannah Anderson

Do you have a way that you build margin into your days and weeks that allow space for the unexpected? Write into amy (at) thinkinglove (dot) education or leave a comment on this post and we will send the answers out to our email list! Subscribe below!


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