Habit Training in Real Life

In this special podcast, we catch up on what habit training looks like in our homes right now. As it turns out, we are both seeing how habit training our children really starts with ourselves: we need to find the inspiration to cultivate discipline in our own lives in order to help our kids with their habits.

Be sure to check out the Habit Training Workshop! We are hosting a live seminar and following up with four weeks of encouragement, accountability, and Q&As so that you can find your feed with habit training and start using it in your home. Find out more at http://thinkinglove.education/habits.

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Thinking Love co-host and a self-certified education enthusiast


  1. Thanks for sharing! How very true that, in many ways, habit training really begins with ourselves! I’ve been working on both of the habits discussed here so I’m very excited to dig in and learn more during the Habit Training Workshop next weekend. Grace & Peace to you both, Nancy

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